Merneith Shu

Sylph Synthesist Summoner


Titles: Knight Protector of Kelmarane

Concerned more with her own ties to the elemental powers at work, Merneith Shu spent the next year putting all the pieces together in relation to the daemon, Xulthos; Vardishal, Kardswann and the Templars of the Five Winds; and the forces at work behind Kelmarane’s past. Merneith Shu learned that the Templars fought a great battle in the nearby Brazen Peaks before largely disappearing from history. Vardishal was remembered as a local saint in Sarenraen monastery near Kelmarane some time later. Merneith also learned that at some point, Kardswann came to Kelmarane and came to be under the control of Xulthos. How Kardswann came to be in charge of the Kulldis tribe of gnolls is still a mystery. Merneith was also instrumental in helping Sterno learn to manifest Vardishal’s greaaxe, Tempest.

Merneith Shu

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