Vardishal's Greataxe

weapon (melee)

+1 Frost Greataxe
Class: 2-hand
Category: Melee

Damage 1d12+Str+1d6 Cold
Critical: x3
Damage Type: Slashing
Weight: 12 lbs


Tempest is a two-handed bearded battle axe with haft 4 feet long. Once wielded by Vardishal, a Templar of the Five Winds, the greataxe Tempest was lost sometime after his death. During the reclaiming of an old Sarenraen monastery outside of Kelmarane, Tempest was found by the Elven ranger, Sterno who had inherited the memories of Vardishal. Tempest is slowly evolving from a simple magical greataxe, though what powers it will manifest in the future are a mystery to it’s current wielder.


Legacy of Fire GMJonny